Rocco WIlliams Quartet

Rocco WIlliams Quartet

Wed, October 11, 2017

6:30 pm


Rocco Williams- Vibraphone
Nicolas Killeen- Alto Saxophone
Hunter Roberts- Upright Bass
Colin Hill- Drums

Rocco WIlliams Quartet
Rocco WIlliams Quartet
Rocco Williams's passion for music is readily evident. Ask Rocco about jazz and he sits up straighter, breaks into a smile and searches for the right words to convey his deep love for the art.

“Jazz is the universal music, it allows you to communicate to others when you play,” said Rocco.

Rocco’s first dive into music was in fourth grade when he began taking drum lessons from a family friend. Realizing his musical talent, Rocco’s mother pushed him to audition for the Denver School of the Arts where he caught Band Director Greg Harris’s passion for the vibraphone.

Rocco is from Denver, Colorado. He primarily plays jazz vibraphone but attends University of Colorado at Boulder for both Jazz and Classical studies. Rocco has been playing the vibes for ten years and has played with musicians such as: Veronica Swift, Greg Harris, Matt Michaud, Alex Heffron, Ian Levy, Paul Romaine, Eric Gunnison, and Bijoux Barbosa.

Rocco Williams first started playing vibraphone at the age of 10 under the instruction of Greg Harris. Inspired, Rocco strives to play with as many people from as many different backgrounds as possible. He is open to all types of music and art, and embraces the future experimentation of art and cultural expression.

Rocco Williams currently studies under the instruction of Doug Walter, Paul Romaine, Carl Dixon, Mike Tetreault, and Brad Goode at the University of Colorado at Boulder.
Venue Information:
Dazzle @ Baur's
1512 Curtis St.
Denver, CO, 80202